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John Harvey Kellogg: An Ignored Pioneer of Wellness and a Very Colourful Character


Dr. Halbert L. Dunn was a personality, as is true of many wellness pioneers. The identical is true of such luminaries as John W. (Jack) Travis, Invoice Hettler, Robert and Judd Allen and Grant Donovan. Apply the time period wellness broadly sufficient, as practically everybody does, and all well being promoters are wellness pioneers. I consider in a view of wellness development whereby anybody who writes a ebook about human flourishing, or speaks to a category or viewers about wellbeing, edits a journal or e-newsletter on the topic, encourages a toddler or pal or in any other case helps doing greater than most to domesticate well being and happiness is a wellness pioneer. And a personality, as effectively, since all of us have our eccentricities of 1 sort or one other.

There are, nonetheless, many well being promotion pioneers, characters and advocates who stand out as a result of they made an enormous identify for themselves selling particular life, patterns of considering and appearing that many now understand as wellness in nature. Just a few colourful up to date examples who centered on health and sound diets embody Kenneth Cooper, Francois Henri Jack LaLanne, Jane Fonda, Marion Nestle, Michelle Obama and Richard Simmons. Sure, when the phrases colourful and train are talked about, there is not any option to ignore Richard Simmons.

Most knowledgeable People with an curiosity in wholesome life acknowledge these names, particularly the movie star varieties. Nonetheless, none comes near having achieved the celebrity, or the affect, of arguably essentially the most colourful and maybe most consequential wellness character of all – John Harvey Kellogg (2/26/1852 – 12/14/1943 Holistic Doctors Sydney).

Biologic Dwelling

Whereas fairly acquainted with Dr. Kellogg (I beloved T. Coraghessan Boyle’s 1993 novel, The Street to Wellville and the 1994 film tailored from it starring Anthony Hopkins, Bridget Fonda and Matthew Broderick), a 2017 ebook about him has reignited my curiosity. The ebook title is, The Kelloggs: The Battling Brothers of Battle Creek by doctor/ historian Howard Markel (391 pages plus 87 pages of notes and a 25 web page index).

I extremely advocate it.

On the within jacket of The Kellogg’s, Dr. Markel proclaims John Harvey the patron saint of the pursuit of wellness and a king of wellness. All through the ebook, references to John’s pioneering function in wellness are extolled, starting with the introductory web page declaration: John Harvey Kellogg and his brother Will launched and mass-marketed the idea of wellness and, in doing so, they modified how the world eats breakfast. No fewer than 350 million individuals devour a bowl of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes daily.

The creator states time and again that Dr. Kellogg’s biologic residing needs to be seen within the context of right this moment’s wellness motion. One other instance: No doubt, his most lasting contribution to American society was encouraging the energetic pursuit of wellness… the now commonplace idea of being wholesome in thoughts, physique and spirit to be able to promote longevity and even stop sickness.

Dr. Kellogg campaigned tirelessly towards sedentary life, weight problems, stress and anxiousness, lead poisoning (from water conveyed by lead pipes), drugs, meat, tobacco, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and overeating. He additionally campaigned simply as tirelessly on the optimistic facet of wellness, for normal, vigorous train, contemporary air, therapeutic massage, clear water, stress administration, plenty of sleep, soybeans and chopped nuts. He backed social reforms, as effectively, reminiscent of higher circumstances for the poor, girls’s suffrage and power conservation in agricultural practices.

Whereas Dr. Kellogg most likely by no means used and even heard the time period wellness, he did identify the wellness-like life-style he promoted at his famed Battle Creek Sanitarium biologic residing. Honest sufficient.

An Eccentric Genius with Boundless Vitality and Ambition

No one’s good and that certainly contains the wonderful Dr. Kellogg. Earlier than an eventual falling out over management of the Battle Creek Sanitarian and different points, he was a protege of Ellen and James White. Ellen was a self-styled prophetess, conjuring self-serving visions of assorted sorts to boost cash and management her followers.The Seventh Day Adventists of the time have been anti-science, as is true of spiritual fundamentalism right this moment, mixing spiritual fervor with vegetarianism and different abstentions for more healthy residing. The Adventist leaders made a behavior of predicting the approaching finish of the world, together with the Second Coming of Jesus, enlivened by hell fires for practically all. Initially Dr. Kellogg went a step or two additional, railing towards the evils of masturbation whereas insisting upon sexual abstinence, save for functions of procreation – and solely then if married so engaged took pains to not benefit from the course of an excessive amount of. (This may occasionally have been a component of the physician’s biologic residing philosophy, however I am not conscious of any trendy period wellness promoters taking this place. Because the co-author of Wellness Orgasms with Grant Donovan, I can guarantee you it actually shouldn’t be discouraged in a REAL wellness orientation.)

Later in his profession, after a break with Ellen White and the Adventists, Dr. Kellogg’s spiritual fervor abated, and his new scriptures have been primarily associated to the promotion of biologic residing in books and lectures, analysis, philanthropy, interactions with world leaders and nationwide celebrities from a number of walks of life and, in fact, his beloved Battle Creek Sanitarium.

Wellness Views of Explicit Observe

* Dr. Kellogg’s expertise on the earth led him to consider that folks do not prefer to be reformed; however they welcome being knowledgeable, taught and inspired to look on the intense facet of life, this one and (in his thoughts) the subsequent.

* Meals served up on the San (the Sanitarium) was to be ready and considered not solely as a preventative towards indigestion and sickness however as wholesome pleasures that enabled diners to partake of share of life’s joys.

* Not like the development right this moment, Dr. Kellogg promoted gluten, which he thought of one of the extremely valued components of the grain that enriches mind, bone, nerves, muscle tissue and blood.

* After the cessation of ties with Ellen White and the Adventists, Dr. Kellogg’s spiritual fervor diminished dramatically, and faith usually gave option to a devotion to biologic residing, principally from a secular orientation.

* His beloved Corn Flakes have been the end result of a quest to create the proper meals. Writer Markel notes that Kellogg could be appalled to study that the multinational agency that carries the Kellogg identify right this moment derives its riches in good measure from having fortified its merchandise with tons of sugar and synthetic flavorings, together with such abominations as Frosted Flakes.

* The physician had a aptitude for the dramatic. Markel describes his later years being marked by freedom from inhibitions and the onset of entertaining eccentricities. Two habits stand out. One was every day train and sunbathing in a skimpy loincloth that hardly lined his genitals; the opposite peculiar behavior derived from taking particular delight in his bowel actions. To Dr. Kellogg, these specimens testified to the deserves of biologic dietary habits. He bragged to whomever would hear that his poop did not stink. He stated his stools smelled as candy as these of a nursing child – and insisted on proving it. The creator describes a typical encounter

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