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How to Feed Your Bearded Dragon the Right Way!

Bearded dragon feeding is fairly simple and easy, however, you do want to insure that you are feeding the proper types of insects and greens to your bearded dragon. Owners should also ensure that the bearded dragon is receiving adequate amounts of calcium and other nutrients so that they may continue to have strong bones and will not suffer from mineral or nutrient deficiencies.

Bearded dragon feeding usually consists mainly of insects. The most commonly fed insect is the cricket. Crickets are good for bearded dragons of all ages. The bearded dragon lizard will appreciate an array of different insects as well. Large bearded dragons enjoy having the option of mealworms, superworms, silkworms and waxworms. Waxworms have a high fat content and it is suggested that you don’t overfeed these worms, instead give them to your bearded dragon as more of a treat. The young beard dragon should not have any mealworms as the mealworm has a high amount of indigestible chitin. These worms will cause a young bearded dragon to suffer from impaction, which may be lethal. If you decide to round up some outside insects for your bearded dragon, be sure that they are free of pesticides. You also do not want to feed your bearded dragon lightening bugs. There have been several bearded dragons die from eating only one lightening bug Balm+Beard Brush+Beard Scissors+Storage Gift Box B078N1DBY9.

Crickets are generally available at all pet stores. They can also be purchased through wholesale outlets that will deliver them to your home for bearded dragon feeding. Crickets will require a home of their own and generally do well in a five to ten gallon fish tank. Provide some sort of hiding places for the crickets, as they need to be able to hide from each other. Crickets are known to eat each other, which will leave fewer crickets for bearded dragon feeding. Empty egg cartons and other pieces of cardboard will allow hiding places for crickets. Crickets will also need to be fed well before you feed them to your bearded dragon. Crickets will eat a variety of different foods including vegetables, oatmeal, powdered milk, alfalfa hay, dog or cat food and cricket food. Crickets will also require a damp sponge as a source of water and moisture. Crickets will drown in a dish of water.

Young bearded dragons have very large appetites; this is because they have a rapid growth spurt in their first year. If you young bearded dragon lizard is not exhibiting a hearty appetite, there is an underlying problem somewhere. Young dragons may develop food impactions or may simply be intimidated by their cage mates. They also must have a body temperature of one hundred degrees before they are able to digest their food. New bearded dragon lizards may also have a hard tome adjusting to their new homes and may require a few days before they are ready to eat.

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