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Projectors have recently become the preferred choice for people who want to experience the thrill offered by the huge projector screens of cinema in their living rooms. Besides being used as home theater projector, projectors are also extremely useful in office presentations where you want to connect with a large group of audience.

However, with plenty of types and brands of projectors to choose from, you can easily get confused and might even end up spending precious money on a device that is not meant for the desired use. It is, therefore, highly recommended to research the various available options and understand their features like lumens, contrast ratio and resolution etc.

What is projector ANSI lumens and what does ANSI mean?

The brightness of a projector is measured in ANSI (American National Standards Institute) lumens or just lumens. The higher the projector lumens rating, the brighter the light wave intensity will be and the brighter the projection screen.

Although lumens is not directly related to the size of the projected image, a larger image will need to be brighter because the projector needs to be further away from the screen and will need more lumens. The projectors available nowadays generally range between 500 and 10,000 lumens.

If there is ambient light in a room, owning a projector with more lumens will make the image more defined. Light in a theater room will make an image with 1000 ANSI lumens seem washed out and harder to see. In the same room with the same amount of light, a projector with 1800 ANSI lumens will be much easier to see.

It is important to make sure that the projector lumens rating is measured in ANSI. Some manufacturers use different lumens rating standards just to make their numbers look higher when they are actually not.

How many lumens do I need?

The number of projector lumens depends on the machine’s intended use. The higher the lumens, the more the projector tends to cost. Therefore, it is essential to determine the number of projector lumens you require to avoid a situation where you end up wasting precious money because you bought an expensive projector with way too many lumens.

Here are some things to consider while determining how many ANSI lumens you need:

What is the intended use of the projector?: If the device is going to be used as a home theater projector in a blacked out cinema room with no light, find a projector with at least 800 ANSI lumens. Owning a projector with more than 1200 ANSI lumens would be a waste of money (assuming your paying more for the lumens). If the room is sufficiently darkened but has a little bit of ambient light, a projector with 1500 lumens is enough to cast a bright image Projector for Home Entertainment, Party and Business B07K9T9QF5.

If the projector is expected to be used for multiple purposes, then consider the lighting conditions. If you plan on using the projector outside, find a projector with at least 3500 lumens and use a darker projector screen like a black diamond screen or a silver screen.

The size of the group of audience and throw: If the projector will be used for large audiences which require a larger screen, the projector may need more throw (the distance between the projector and the screen) and will need more lumens. For throw distances over 22 feet in a dark theater, you will need a projector with at least 1500 lumens.

Decorative Pillows You Can Make Yourself – How to Sew Your Own Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are one of the most common forms of home decor. They are typically available in a wide variety of styles and colors and can be purchased from most home furnishings stores. But if you want more than one or two accent pillows for your sofa, the cost can really start to add up.

An alternative to store-bought decorative pillows is making your own. Though it may seem like a complicated project, it’s really quite simple and can be accomplished with just a few basic sewing skills. One of the biggest benefits to making your own pillows is that you can choose the exact fabric and size that you want. And surprisingly, your handmade throw pillows will cost you less than the ones you might find in a store. Follow the steps below and you’ll have your own custom accent pillow in no time!

Choose Color and Feel

The first thing you’ll want to do is think about what color and type of fabric you want to use. Look at your other room decor and take into consideration the overall color scheme. Do you want your pillows to complement what you already have or stand out as a bold accent?

Once you’ve decided on color(s), think about what type of feel you want the pillows to have. Would you prefer a soft, cushiony pillow or one that has some stiffness so that you can lean up against it? Also take into account the ease of sewing. If you’re a beginning sewer, you might want to choose a weightier, more closely knit fabric like cotton that’s suitable for drapery. Silk and some polyesters that have a “sheen” to them will be more difficult to sew.

Decide on a Size

Before you can buy your fabric and start sewing, you need to determine what size your pillows will be. If you already have some throw pillows in your home, measure them to see how large they are and then decide if you want your homemade ones to be bigger or smaller. If you will be placing your pillows on a couch or chair, take into consideration the height of the back and how much space you want the pillows to take up 3D Sleeping Mask Memory Foam Earplugs Pillow B07JC71JHZ.

Buy Your Fabric and Sewing Supplies

Visit a local fabric store to purchase the supplies you’ll need to make your decorative pillows. If there isn’t one nearby, you can also find lots of fabric and supplies online. Or, you may have an existing item of clothing or other fabric in your home that you want to recycle for this project.

Before you buy your fabric, you’ll need to determine how much you need. Add 1 – 1/2 inches to the pillow size you decided on so that you’ll have room for sewing the pieces together. For example, if you are making an 18 inch by 18 inch pillow, you should buy enough fabric to have two squares that are at least 19 inches by 19 inches. Explain your project and measurements to the salesperson at the fabric store and they will be able to cut you the amount of fabric you need.

Why You Need To Know How to Build Business Dashboard Reports

Dashboards are the new hype, we all know that. It is actually a term borrowed from the Car industry. That makes sense- all of the important information right in front of you. In the case of driving a car it would be speed and fuels levels wouldn’t it?- to enable you to make decisions, slow down speed, top up your fuel tank, distance driven?

There are numerous types of dashboards around, you will no doubt have heard of Metrics Dashboard, Business Intelligence Dashboard, Operational Dashboard, Performance Dashboard, the list can go on G-Sensor, WDR, Loop Recording Car Dash Cam B00X528FNE.

In the world of data overload, the generation of a well-designed dashboard can be a breath of fresh air that has both Business and Technical benefits to organisations. I can allow the presentation of critical data (or metrics) to enable quick and effective decisions

In essence all of the above mentioned dashboards are the same type of document -a communication of critical data and transforming it into relevant information that the reader can make sense of and makes decisions on.

So, why do I need to know how to build them. Well, the skill in is great demand because the dashboard report can deliver huge benefits, both Business and Technical to an organisation.

Let’s take a close look at why you need t how to build them.

1. Improved Decision Making

With the right information in front of them a faster decision can be made. Instead of columns and rows of Excel data to wade through, end users can easily spot trends, dips in sales, sales growth in certain sectors, underperformance. They will see the top level analysis of this data, and depending on the metrics used can have birds eye view of the key metrics in the organisation.

Benefits of Car Cameras

Be it your home, business, or family; you always want complete security for each one of them! You take appropriate measures at home, select hotels with apt security arrangements, and so on. So, why to leave your car unprotected? Yes! You can safeguard your car with a dash cam or a car camera.

Justifying its name, a car camera sticks on the dashboard or on the windscreen and records everything inside & around the car. The dash camera not only helps in providing evidence in case of an accident, but also proves to be useful in many other ways.

Here is a deeper insight into the uses of the dash cams:

Offer Proofs in case of a Car Accident

Worried about the other party changing their story in front of the police? Well, then dashboard cameras can come to your rescue. These cameras provide authentic and relevant evidence in the case of car accidents. They help to escape any false allegations and would let the truth be known to everyone.

Knows who dinged your Car

Finding your beloved car scratched by someone in the parking lot is a nightmare. A dash camera is the perfect equipment to know exactly who did that damage to your vehicle. Whether it was the work of a neighbor or some untrained driver struggling to park his car, nothing will be left hidden.

Who’s playing the Insurance Game?

Some drivers or even pedestrians intentionally do accidents in order to claim that fat accident insurance. This thing not only affects insurance companies at large, but also takes its toll on honest car drivers! So, dash cams can step in to prove who’s at fault!

Faster Insurance Claims Processing

While filing insurance claims, each party speaks up their own story and often embellishes the facts to support their point. However, supreme quality video surveillance can produce the real facts and there won’t be any delay in your claim processing and you will get paid soon.

Check for Vehicle abuse or misuse

When we lend our car to other people, our mind is never at peace. The idea of reckless driving or some other kind of vehicle abuse keeps haunting us. Getting dash cams will give the exact account of the way your car was treated. Dash cameras with built-in GPS can also record speed as well as street routes Car Dash Cam with Built-in GPS Logger B07H4B75YL.

Set the Careless Drivers Right

Each one of us encounters rash driving cases while moving on the roads. And, reporting about these bad drivers is really important, but one can’t do it without a proof. Dash cams can help in such matters and prevent the case from going cold.

Travel Diaries

The car cameras are not just meant to collect proofs; in fact, you can capture some beautiful things on your dash cam. You can document your road trip; capture something weird, amazing or special that you might come across while traveling. So, having these security cameras in your car can also be fun!

Apple Watch 3: Time For a New Calling

It’s time for some wrist talking. Apple has rolled out its new line of Series 3 watches complete with cellular capability.

The new smartwatches are now on sale, just in the nick of time for holiday shopping.

Apple Watch fans will find the Series 3 is the full replacement for the Apple Watch 2. It features many upgrades including the ability to make calls from your wrist.

The watch enables cell calling on all major carriers in the U.S. The device supports both data and voice and uses the same number as your iPhone.

Calls do come at a price, it will add about $10 per month to your existing wireless fee, but imagine the fun and options of conversing like comic detective Dick Tracy.

Apple’s new W2 wireless chip helps make the calls work. It switches between Bluetooth, Wi-Fi networks and the watch itself always searching for your iPhone first.

Calls can be dialed directly with the keypad on the watch, or by tapping an existing contact. Actual message writing is limited to scribbling letters, tapping emoji, or dictation.

You can also have a voice conversation with Siri. She is no longer limited to just on-screen text responses. Engaging Siri without an iPhone nearby though can be troublesome i watch bangle B07H28T8RQ .

While the watch is designed to free you up from your phone it does require your iPhone to help with setup and app installation. Calling will not work with Android phones.

Most use the Apple Watch as a fitness tracker. New with the Series 3 is an on-watch extra sensor barometric altimeter with GPS. The built-in GPS records the distance, speed and route of your outdoor workouts.

The altimeter tracks elevation during your hilliest rides and highest climbs. It is also “ocean proof” and safe at 50 meters.

Heart rate monitoring has been improved. More graphs are listed for all-day averages in resting heart rate and walking heart rate. Other graphs and averages for workouts are listed as well much like Samsung’s Gear watches fitness offerings.

Workouts are easier to start and stop, or switch on the fly. Runs can be auto-paused. Music controls show up in workouts with a quick swipe, and music playlists can be set to go automatically.

Choosing a Car Phone Holder for Your Device

Choosing a phone holder can be a stressful and confusing process. There are so many options on the market these days that it’s often hard to establish what you actually need to get your phone mounted securely, safely and legally.

Are you willing to drill holes? This is an important question you should address when selecting a phone holding solution. A large percentage of the products on the market at the moment require at least some drilling or manipulation of your car’s interior. A better solution is one that clicks on to your dashboard, allowing you to firmly and securely mount your device without the need for creating unsightly holes in your dash Google Nexus,LG,Huawei and More Smartphones B07F8W8HDS.

Do you want to charge your phone while mounted? If so, you should ensure that your mounting solution comes equipped with the correct adapter to allow you to charge the phone using your car battery. It’s also important to ensure you are purchasing a device that uses the correct voltage and shape of adapter. Make sure you double check – some adapters can look quite similar, but provide vastly different voltages!

Do you have a touch screen device? It’s important to make sure the adapter is shaped correctly to suit the type of phone you own. Obviously a holder that obstructs the screen will not be appropriate for touch screen devices. Prior to purchase (if possible) you should try and use the phone while it is in the adapter. This is a surefire way to check whether or not the phone holder will meet your expectations and requirements.

Five Steps to Avoid Drug Charges at a Music Concert

Concerts can be a lot of fun. A chance to see a band like Phish or Widespread Panic or any number of other bands that come through Raleigh, North Carolina. Good music, good friends.

But concerts can also lead to legal problems. Police – particularly drug and narcotics police and alcohol enforcement agents – know that concerts can involve drug use – marijuana, MDMA or ecstasy, LSD, and even harder drugs such as heroin or cocaine.

And since concerts happen in the same locations in Raleigh month after month, and year after year, police know which hotels concert-goers sometimes use when traveling to see a band. They also know the tricks of the trade. Sometimes police are undercover, posing as drug buyers or as concert goers. Other times they are in uniform, checking out the parking lots of hotels and motels cat power live.

A criminal charge or drug charge can ruin not only the concert, but can ruin your future, especially if the drug charge is not handled professionally by a competent Raleigh criminal lawyer. Because North Carolina has harsh drug laws, relatively small amounts of drugs that in other states may not be handled harshly, can result in drug trafficking charges. And drug trafficking in North Carolina carries with it mandatory minimums requiring prison time, if a successful resolution cannot be worked out.

Here are some tips for dealing with police who may be trying to search or investigate or arrest you for a drug or alcohol crime.

First, obviously, you shouldn’t have any illegal contraband. However, if you have or may have illegal contraband – drugs, drug paraphernalia, etc. – on your person, in your car, in your hotel room, or in your luggage or backpack, you should never consent to a search.

If a police officer asks you for permission to search anything – including your car, your room, your person, your coat, your bags, etc. – you should politely and respectfully tell the police officer that you do not consent to a search.

If the officer says he’s going to search anyway, then don’t resist. In fact, never resist an officer, since that will only lead to new, additional charges. However, you should repeat to the officer – hopefully with witnesses around – that you do not agree to the search.

Second, if the police decide to arrest you, do not resist. Comply with all instructions.

Third, you should not say anything at all until you have a lawyer at any point. Police are under no obligation to read you your rights unless they want to ask you questions while you are in custody. It’s up to you to know your rights, and exercise them. Don’t be rude about it. Simply politely say that you would like an attorney. And if the police continue to ask questions, repeat: “I’d like a lawyer please.” Even if you say you want a lawyer, but later say something to police outside of the presence of a lawyer, whatever you say could possibly be used against you. So keep your mouth shut.

Fourth, do not waive your Miranda Rights. If police do ask you to waive your rights because “this will really help your case” or “you want to leave here tonight, don’t you,” politely refuse to waive your rights. There will be plenty of time to talk to police or prosecutors in the future if you want to. At this moment, you want to protect yourself from additional criminal charges. Even if your friends are singing like canaries, you should keep your mouth shut.

Fifth, hire a lawyer. If you’re facing a serious drug charge and your bond has been set high by a magistrate, it may be possible for you to hire a lawyer to lower your bond and to represent you so that your parents do not spend a huge amount of money on a bond that would’ve been eventually lowered.

You may be able to save thousands of dollars if you hire a lawyer quickly to help you lower the bond, and to also represent you on the matter.

Go Green and Save the Environment With Dual Use Battery Chargers – Ch-USB Chargers Save Money

With the advent of depriving natural resources and increasing waste, we all need to pitch in to help save the environment. Everyday more and more trash is thrown out instead of being recycled. We need to do our part to save, not trash the environment. Time is a big factor and we need to move forward with reusing and recycling to reduce our impact on the environment.

There are tons of ways to save our natural resources. They are all fairly easy to do, but it is the little things that can have the greatest impact. Rather than purchasing single items, why not buy in bulk form any supermarket or warehouse? You will save money off the cost of your items and will be helping manufacturers use less packaging materials. You will save money and reduce your impact on the environment. Another easy habit to break is turning off the water while brushing your teeth. Leaving the water on is wasteful and aids in depleting our natural water sources. Turning off the water will save thousands of gallons of fresh water annually. Shortening your showers will also save thousands of gallons of clean, drinkable water a year.

In today’s technology driven, mobile world people are looking for multipurpose battery chargers that can charge more than one device. Every day we charge our MP3 players, cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders, two-way radios, PDA, GPS, and much more using batteries. It can become a hassle dragging around tons of chargers for every electronic device you own. Accessory Genie has a mini charger that you can use to charge camera batteries or plug in the USB cord and charge cell phones and other electronic devices that run through a USB port. You will save space and energy using a dual purpose charger for your electronic devices 5-Port USB Charger Docking Station & Organizer B07D9K1NFK.

A big environmental problem is batteries and the waste they leave behind after each use. As more and more batteries are purchased and thrown away we begin to realize that we have a problem on our hands. Batteries contain chemicals unsafe and difficult to recycle. Even store-initiated battery take back programs admit that most of the batteries are ultimately thrown out in the trash. There are few battery recycling facilities in the United States and they cannot handle all the batteries given to them. Resources and funding has been low in this field. It is a smart and environmentally friendly decision to buy rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries may cost a few extra dollars but over time you are saving money because you do not need to buy new batteries every time the battery dies. You simply place the batteries in a charger and wait a couple of hours generally, but could be less depending on the charger you have. See a detailed explanation of the various rechargeable batteries and chargers.

How to Choose the Best Earbuds

Perhaps you are tired of your default iPod earbuds and want a change. Or maybe you need a more portable alternative to your headphones. Either way you are bound to make a careless mistake that many people have made before: buying a pair of earbuds based solely on looks and style. This article will list the Four critical steps that you need to make before buying a pair of earbuds.

1. Decide on the shape. Generally, there are two shapes, the iPod flat shape and the in-ear canal shape. You want the in-ear pair. The in ear pair provide better noise isolation (prevents any outside noise from interfering with your music), then the flat shaped alternative. Also be sure to pay attention to the earbud tips. To enjoy a pair of earbuds, you need to make sure you get a FIRM seal. A loose seal will dilute the quality of the music, while a tight seal will hurt your ears iPhone iPad Samsung Laptop Android Phones B07H18FYL8.

2. Look at the earbud specs. You need to pay attention to the impendence (the lower the better), the frequency range (aim for low initial frequency for optimal bass, and high final frequency for good mids and highs) and finally the drivers. The driver is the most important piece of the earbud. The more drivers there are the better your sound will be. Read the earbud manufacturer’s description of their drivers carefully and see if it fits what you are looking for

Socks – Fashion Or Warmth?

Socks have a 2 way purpose-keeping the moisture away from your foot and making a fashion statement. The later part of this statement comes from someone who truly enjoys wearing all kinds and styles of socks. But in this article I will cover both types of socks-the warm, moisture busting type and the fashion statement sock.

As to keeping your foot warm it comes down to what your socks are made of. A common ingredient in the construction of most socks is polyester. Polyester is great at reducing wrinkles and making a long living sock. But when it comes to keeping your feet warm, wool is the only choice Best Stockings for Running, Medical B07JVCZXTZ.

There are a few fibers which have superior moisture control and thermal capabilities, they are wool and angora. Merino wool is one of the finest wools available. Angora comes from rabbits and adds not only softness but thermal qualities. It wicks moisture away from your body and improves the warmth of the sock. Wool is not just for winter time, it is for anytime of year. It keeps your feet warm in the cold months and wool in the warm months. Remember wool/angora wicks away moisture, winter or summer.

Recently there has been a coming out with socks and other gear for cyclists. These socks are for color, a fashion statement and moisture control. There are many people who find these socks an excellent addition to their exercising wardrobe. You can wear these socks whenever you go riding as well as around the house. A lot of these socks are made of a man made fiber called CoolMax. Coolmax is the brand name of a series of technical fabrics designed to wick moisture away from the skin. The fabrics employ specially-engineered polyester fibres to improve “breathability” compared to natural fibres like cotton. Clothing made from Coolmax is primarily intended to be worn during exertion so sweat can evaporate quickly.