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We aim to bring the best possible service and most orders are received in 2-3 days. We only stock genuine R4i-SDHC.com products, that work with the latest firmware.
We do not ship our products from China so there is no waiting weeks for your order arrive.

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R4i Card

An R4i card is a storage card in flash format that is specifically designed for the Nintendo DS and DSI, depicting that players are capable of playing movies or homebrew DS games. To do so, however, the player requires a micro SD card. R4i cards are actually the upgraded version of the R4 card. It is compatible with Nintendo DSI and the version before that. You can play games and media files like movies, songs, and eBooks using an R4i card.


R4. The first ever R4 card has the simplest features of all the card versions and basically just functions as a storage device for the DS and DS Lite consoles. Players are capable of saving media files including music, video, and games to the micro SD card and run homebrew applications to play them back.

R4i SDHC. This R4 card version features an optimized game compatibility so that it can run with all Nintendo games up to games released for the 3DS. The R4i card is also compatible with Moon Shell, a largely used homebrew multimedia player to boost the music and video file playback capabilities.

R4i SDHC Wi-Fi. This respective card version was upgraded to boost its Wi-Fi capabilities for the Nintendo DS with the launch of the R4i SDHC Wi-Fi card. The enhanced Wi-Fi access manages the latest feature that enables players to find and download games straight to their R4i card without having to use a computer to transfer the downloaded documents using a USB micro SD card reader.

R4i 3DS or R4 3DS. The launch of Nintendo’s 3DS console posed certain issues for R4i owners since the console was not suitable for operations with existing R4 cards. Even the 3DS cartridges feature slightly varying forms from the recent game cartridges. Today, there are 3DS cards that are deemed to be compatible with the 3DS and even claims to be compatible with downloaded 3DS applications.

R4 Card UK

We are the number one sellers of the R4i 3DS card in Britain and offer great customer service and most importantly, we offer express shipping with most orders arriving in 2-3 days, no waiting weeks on your order from Hong Kong or China. Most customers in the United Kingdom receive their orders within 3 days, for other parts of Europe this may take a little longer.

The R4 card is available in two versions, the R4-SDHC and R4DS. The R4 SDHC works with both a Micro SD and SDHC memory card, meaning you can store up to 32GB of data on a single memory card chip. The R4 SDHC is the upgraded version of the R4DS and we highly recommend this if you plan on storing more than 2GB of data, please see our r4 cardssection for more.

We aim to bring you the best prices on R4i cards in the United Kingdom. We offer fast, cheap postage to Britain and unlike many other sellers we do not ship from abroad, choose R4i Cards UK for all your R4 devices.

Most parts of the United Kindom can expect their orders in 2-3 business days, for other parts of the EU it may take slightly longer.